Chime Bars - SET of 7 Chakra Sound Healing


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An absolutely exceptional quality set of seven healing aura chime bars to aid your meditation practices, the bars are tuned to the range of the seven chakra frequencies. Each chime rings for quite a while, with a nice crisp serene sound. Aids in healing each of the chakras if out of alignment.

Aura chimes are primarily used in sound therapy to clear negative energy. A person's aura can be adversely affected if there is an imbalance in the energy flow, thus causing a build up of dense and negative energy. Striking the metal bars with the wooden beater produces a loud and resonant sound which can be very useful in sound healing sessions and meditative exercises.Use the chime bars for space clearing, sound healing, ceremonies, etc. A pure clean sound from the high grade aluminium bar suspended above a good quality wood base for a clear resonating tone. Perfect for Feng Shui energy clearing and chakra balancing. Each chakra chime bar comes supplied with its own wooden beater.

All frequencies are in hertz:

Crown Frequency 172.06

Third Eye Frequency 221.23

Throat Frequency 141.27

Heart Frequency 136.1

Solar Plexus Frequency 126.22

Sacral Frequency 210.42

Root Frequency 194.18



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