Buckwheat Hulls Refill Bag - For Meditation Cushions


Each refill drawstring cotton bag is filled with at least 750g of superior buckwheat hulls. The bag measures: 30cm x 18cm

At Serenity Gifts, all of our meditation cushions have an outer removable cover and an inner cotton bag filled with quality buckwheat hulls. The buckwheat can be removed or added to our cushions to suit your own personal requirements. We understand that not all meditators are the same, and whilst some people may enjoy a less filled bag for meditating on, others prefer a much firmer cushion filled to the brim with buckwheat. So, this is why we've added an option on our web site for our customers to buy an extra bag of buckwheat if they so choose. Our meditation cushions are quite firm, and buckwheat can be removed if you wish, but for those who need it to be even firmer we recommend using these refill bags to satisfy your needs. Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us.


£6.95 £8.50

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