Aromatika Vedic Natural Incense Sticks - Seven Chakras


One pack of 12 beautifully scented incense sticks created from natural herbs, oils and resins. The incense sticks are crafted using quality ingredients to offer long lasting fragrance. Lovingly made with the blend of seven powerful natural aroma and resins - Sandalwood, Guggal, Patchouli, Rose, Jasmine, Tube Rose and Agarwood. These help you to activate your chakra points. Lovingly crafted to carefully capture the essence of ancient Hindu Vedic teachings. Made in the historic city of Jaipur by the Aromatika incense company.

Genuine hand rolled masala incense sticks

Made in India

Burning time: approximately 20-25 minutes per stick

Box Contents: 12 hand rolled incense stick

Scent: Seven Chakras


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