Feng-Shui Chakra Hanging Crystal - Oneness


A beautiful glass chakra hanging crystal featuring seven octagon crystals (symbolising the 7 chakras)The round crystal ball symbolizes oneness and all-embracing unity. The hanging crystal can be used as a window decoration which can help to enhance the feng-shui in living rooms, bedrooms or offices. The different shades of colours are calming and soothing, and the sunlight will also enhance their colours. In Feng Shui, all kinds of products are used to influence the energy flow and help to neutralise negative energy. These rainbow crystals are a fine example of this.

Packed in a deluxe blue gift box. Measures approx. 58cm in length (including hanging ring).

The chakra crystals are as follows: Muladhara chakra - earth, Swadisthana chakra - water, Manipura chakra - fire, Anahata chakra - air, Visuddha chakra - sound, Ajna chakra - light, Sahasrara chakra - thought.

Perfect for in your window, sacred space or an area which needs re-energising.


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