Meditation Scarf Yoga Wrap - With Gayatri Mantra


A beautiful yoga meditation wrap with the imprint of the most beloved Vedic mantra ''The Gayatri Mantra''. This yoga wrap is made of super soft, fine cotton. The print of the Gayatri mantra is in 4 different colours and at the bottom is a beautiful silver grey lotus print. Using a meditation scarf or wrap provides a sense of serene comfort and intensifies your concentration whilst meditating or relaxing, the shawl symbolizes your temporary isolation from the outer world whilst meditating, bringing an even more sacred experience to your daily practice. A meditation wrap is a must have for any serious meditator, advanced or beginner. Measures 118cm x 80cm
Wrap is made from: 100% Soft Fine Cotton
Made In India
Gayatri Mantra: OM bhur bhuva svha  Tat savitur varenyam  Bhargo devasaya dhimahi  Dhiyo yo naha prachodayat.
Gayatri means both rhythm and protection. The Gayatri Mantra influences the physical body, clears the emotional body and brings you to your inner heart. 


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