Padded Bag and 25cm Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl - E Tone


+ Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery of this item +

A beautiful 25cm (diameter) frosted crystal singing bowl, superior quality and sound. Comes complete with a leather mallet, a rubber stability ring and a professional custom made black padded bag. Each crystal singing bowl is beautifully crafted, with wonderful, powerful healing sounds. The crystal singing bowls are made from pure powdered quartz crystals which are then heated to several thousand degrees. The heating integrates the individual particles of the quartz and a bowl is formed, each bowl is then individually tuned to a specific musical note. These high quality crystal singing bowls are made from at least 99.992% pure quartz. The effects of playing crystal singing bowls in the home, office or in a large group setting can be very grounding and help promote a stable, peaceful healing energy. This bowl comes securely wrapped in its own individual professional custom made padded case.

Each crystal bowl is tuned to a musical note, which corresponds with a particular chakra or energy centre in the human body. This crystal bowl is tuned to E (the 3rd Chakra - solar plexus)

You will probably get the best results if you take some time to prepare yourself before sounding a crystal bowl. A simple breathing exercise can help, and positive thought patterns, then imagine yourself and your new bowl surrounded with pure white light and healing energy. Begin playing your bowl, and enjoy. 

Please note: NEVER use wooden sticks on crystal bowls. Leather, suede or rubber mallets are the recommended strikers. Your bowl will come with a leather mallet.


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