Prayer Flags - The Four Friends


A string of 10 Tibetan prayer flags, with the image of Four Friends - an elephant, monkey, hare and a bird balanced upon one another under a fruit tree. The image is from the Buddhist legend Tittira Jataka, and this beautiful story of friendship reminds us to honor and help one another in order to live happy and peaceful lives. It's a gentle reminder about respect, and to live together in co-operation and that each is dependent upon the other.
Great for indoor or outdoor use, and ready to hang. The flags are traditionally left unhemmed as this is in keeping with Tibetan teachings about the transitory nature of all things and the inevitable passage of time, decay and rebirth.  Prayer flags fade and unravel with time and are eventually burnt and offered as prayers.
Total length of string 180cm - flag size 20 x 15.5cm
Material: Synthetic / Nylon
Print: Single Sided
Colour: Yellow/ green / white / red / blue
Made In Nepal



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