Tibetan Incense Sticks - Buddha


Beautiful Tibetan Om Incense in luxury carton of brocade casing featuring a composition 'Buddha - Clear Mind' fragrance. Tibetan Om Incenses are produced according to the principles described in the Tantric text Kavavira, which elaborately deals with medicinal plants of different purposes and objectives for human health and welfare and their living environment. These are the finest quality, 100% natural, handmade Tibetan incense, and are used because of their importance for human health, happiness, peace of mind and prosperity. According to Tibetan Buddhist Tantric scriptures, these incenses will instigate a purification process and stress-release, and they will eliminate uneasy energies that can be looming largely in the living or working space. The ingredients of all these incenses come from “holy” herbs and plants, according to Buddhist religion. Harvesting is in deference to Nature, and the plants are being dried and processed in a traditional way. These incenses are used during worship at home, sacrifice and purification rituals, and when practising yoga and meditation. 

Composition: Druka, balu-sulu, saffron, nutmeg, bezon, kacola 
Number: 30 sticks.
Burning time: 1 joss stick: 45 minutes.
Size: Length 20cm and the thickness is only 3mm
Produced by Tibetans in Nepal.

*PLEASE NOTE: Brocade fabric colour may vary on the incense box*


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