Tribal Soul Natural Incense Sticks - Myrrh


One pack of 10 beautifully scented incense sticks created from natural herbs, oils and resins. The incense sticks are crafted using quality ingredients to offer long lasting fragrance. Myrrh is a natural resin extracted from the Commiphora tree. It has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense and medicine. It is also mentioned in many ancient texts, including the Bible and Torah for its ability to connect to the Divine. Myrrh is well known for its purifying properties, for cleansing the soul and clearing the mind. Myrrh has a warm, spicy, balsamic scent which favours meditation and spiritual upliftment.

For centuries, the native Indians of North America have been initiating their purification ceremonies and healing sessions by burning dry leaves and herbs bundled into smudge sticks. This incense was created by hand to recreate those exotic memories of the Native Americans.

Genuine hand rolled incense sticks

Made in India, and comes presented in a beautiful gift box tied with a feather

Burning time: approximately 20-25 minutes per stick

Box Contents: 10 hand rolled incense stick

Scent: Myrrh


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