Yoga Mat Bag - Hot Pink


This beautiful yoga bag is made from canvas cotton and is big enough for one yoga mat.
A great addition for your yoga workout, with an adjustable strap and a zip opening with an inside pocket with zipper for keys or money. Five ventilation holes (along the side) ensure that no moisture remains in the bag, and therefore the bag will never smell musty. The bag is lined in a nice contrasting colour.
Measures 70cm x 21cm
Please note: items displayed in the bag are for illustration purposes only - you CANNOT fit all of the items in your bag
This size of bag will fit a mat and maybe a strap and your car keys. This picture is a stock photo and tries to show the buyer what you can carry if the zip is left open. You cannot carry all of these items in your bag with the zip closed.
Outer bag: 70% canvas cotton, 30% polyester
Lining: 100% Cotton

£12.50 £22.50

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