About serenity gifts...

Welcome to Serenity Gifts, we're a small family run company selling beautiful religious and inspirational gifts online. We hope to offer our customers a lovely selection of religious, spiritual and holistic gifts to inspire, comfort and uplift the soul. We're also offering a unique selection of high quality gemstone beads for crafting and homemade products, because we believe that being creative is good for the soul and helps you to connect with your angels. 

We feel our products and gemstones offer an inspiring way to connect even further to God, and offer a unique way to bring you even closer to your angels and spirit guides. Through daily prayer, creativity, contemplation and meditation we hope our gifts and gemstone beads will help to inspire, encourage and deepen your religious beliefs, faith or wonderment in God and the religious deities. This is a web site where faith and love are captured inside heavenly Christian gifts, holistic gifts, gemstone beads, new age products and inspirational wonders.

You will find a beautiful collection of carefully picked christian, catholic, spiritual and new age gifts for special occasions such as Christmas and other holidays, for children and babies, parents and friends. Serenity Gifts offers a wide variety of holistic, meditational products and religious prayerful gifts to help spread and enjoy the true gift of devotion and faith within the heart. Our gemstone beads offer your spirit and soul a sense of accomplishment and joy in creativity, bringing you closer to your angels and spirit guides.

At Serenity Gifts you'll find catholic, christian and spiritual gifts for every occasion - we even offer a lovely array of unique handmade faith bracelets and handmade mala beads, Buddha statues and religious gifts, meditation tools, chakra gifts and prayer cards along with many other religious and spiritual gifts for our UK customers. Orders are shipped quickly and efficiently, we pride ourselves on excellent customer care, so if you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us. Have a truly blessed day. God bless!