Packaging & Recycling

At Serenity Gifts we're always striving to be as eco-friendly as possible, to help maintain a healthy, happy environment.

From purchasing products to packaging, our thoughts are always driven by the effects we have on all life forms. Therefore, we try our utmost to use and reuse packaging that will have minimum impact and strain on Mother Earth.

We recycle packaging and use envirofill whenever possible. Envirofill is an environmentally friendly polystyrene void fill (also known as loose fill or packing chips). Envirofill is recycled, recyclable and degradable while still offering the same degree of protection as traditional polystyrene loose fill.

We try to maintain an ethical work environment by remembering to always recycle! This includes any paper, ziplock bags, cardboard containers or void fill for customer orders. We are constantly striving to help heal our world and looking for new ways to improve on our recycling policy. We want to nurture and love Mother Earth as much as we can.