Handmade Mala Beads - Opal - Lotus Flower Yoga Charm


Measuring approx. 51cm in length (when laid flat) and using extremely strong beading cord, these beautiful handmade mala prayer beads are constructed from 108 beads using 8mm African Opal, blue natural agate and tibetan style gold plated beads. A gold plated turquoise lotus flower Guru bead, and beautiful handmade tassel with a gold plated lotus flower yoga charm complete the prayer beads. 

Comes presented in a drawstring pouch.

Lovingly handmade in the UK

Our beautiful 'Handmade Mala Beads' feature African Opal and natural blue agate, along with a meaningful lotus flower yoga charm. African Opal promotes inner serenity and helps create balance. The lotus flower represents spiritual enlightenment and a reminder to stay balanced. Add these stunning beads to your meditation space for a tranquil atmosphere.


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