Indonesian Sandstone Oil Burner - Stepped Wave


A beautiful and unique oil burner that has been meticulously hand carved and crafted from Indonesian sandstone. Crafted by artisans in Jogja, home of stone Buddha carvings.  Perfect to use with all your fragrance oils and wax melts. It also makes a very attractive decoration in any room

Measures x 10cm

Please note: The tealights and oil displayed in the picture are for illustration purposes only, you will only receive the burner

Guidance -

🔹 Always place the oil burner on a heatproof mat

🔹 Ensure there is sufficient water/oil/melts in the container above the burner 

🔹 Use good quality tealights 

🔹 Never leave unattended when lit, and keep away from curtains  

🔹 Keep out of reach of children


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