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Handmade Rosary Beads at Serenity Gifts

Handmade Rosary Beads at Serenity Gifts

At Serenity Gifts we offer a beautiful selection of quality handmade rosaries lovingly created by Emma Jane Brown in the UK - here are a few samples of her designs.

You can buy them here, just click the text link to view them:


We think they're absolutely beautiful! They're made from quality rosary parts and beading wire, and some crosses are even sourced from the USA! She also offers a bespoke service, so if you want a special rosary or something personalised just ask us to contact her on your behalf and she will contact you regarding how to create a custom made order. Please be aware that this personalised service will cost extra. Emma Jane will explain all the details to you if you require a custom made rosary or mala.

Many of the rosary beads are lovingly created from healing gemstone beads, and the properties of these beads are all listed on her own web site, so if you want to choose some special beads then she will guide you to the correct kind. For example, did you know that a stone called Hematite can help with harmonising mind, body and spirit. It's said to be particularly effective at grounding and protecting, it also helps to dissolve negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura. Hematite is also used to improve relationships. Isn't that amazing! We're learning all about the healing properties of gemstones at Serenity Gifts.

Emma Jane also makes mala beads, prayer beads and bracelets too. So, if you don't feel inclined towards a rosary, why not try some meditation beads or a mala to help with your daily prayer routine. Just holding the beads in your hands can be a great way to help focus your attention and relax your thoughts. We hope you enjoy browsing through the many handmade rosary beads and prayer beads that we offer on Serenity Gifts.

If there's anything you would like to ask about the rosaries, then please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Wishing you a lovely day, until next time.
Blessings and peace, Maria and The Serenity Gifts Team x x 
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Protection from Your Angel

At Serenity Gifts, we love angels. We believe that each individual person on our planet is constantly guarded and protected by their very own Guardian angel, and so we wanted to offer a selection of beautiful angel statues and figurines to celebrate the joy of having such a heavenly being protecting us every day. Our angel statues and figurines are a lovely reminder of the beautiful angelic being that resides at our side through each moment of our lives. May these stunning angel statues add a sense of comfort and love in your heart, may they bring a certain peace into your soul - helping you to remember the joy and sacred gift of having such a holy angel by your side.

You are blessed! With all our love and heavenly angel blessings, the Serenity Gifts Team.

View our Angel Statues and Figurines on this page:


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Religious Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards

Did you know, that at Serenity Gifts we have a whole selection of greeting cards with a religious and Christian theme. From birthday cards, thinking of your cards, get well cards, baptism cards and much more! We offer great quality, selection and choice in cards. We enjoy choosing beautiful cards that depict a religious or holistic theme for our customers, so you can enjoy giving a greeting card with heartfelt meaning and inspirational sentiments.

Sending a religious greeting card for any ocReligious Holistic Greeting Cardcasion can mean so much to the recipient, whether they are ill and you want to let them know you’re thinking of them, or someone is suffering and they’re in your thoughts and prayers – each card can bring a much needed smile to their face. We hope that our holistic and religious greeting cards and gifts will make each day even more special and unique. If you have any difficulty in choosing a special card, then please do not hesitate to contact us for further help and we’ll be delighted to help you in anyway we can. Religious greeting cards, fantasy greeting cards, holistic greeting cards, angel greeting cards, fairy greeting cards, mermaid and dolphin cards. Inspiring cards with deep sentiments and loving verses. Josephine Wall cards with inspirational images and spiritual greetings. We offer a wonderful collection of new age, holistic, religious and spiritual greeting cards! 


Until next time, may all your prayers and thoughts be filled with love, light and wonder. Have a wonderful week!

You can view our Religious and Holistic Greeting Cards here:

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