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We have a lovely collection of chakra gifts at Serenity Gifts. Sometimes your 7 chakras can be out of alignment and can cause ill effects within the body. A perfect way to help realign the chakras of your body is by using or wearing chakra items, that can help specific chakras to become healed again. Bringing you back to health and happiness. We have written an article below, all about how to heal the chakras and how to balance your body, to become harmonious once again. We hope you find it an enjoyable read! 


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Chakra Article - How To Balance The Body



Do you sometimes feel like something's not quite right? Maybe your chakra alignment is a little off center. Chakra imbalances can present themselves in a myriad of ways. Let's shine some light on the most common signs of trouble when your chakra energy centers are not aligned - 


First Chakra Imbalance (Root Chakra)

Symptoms: You don't feel safe, mistrust in the process of life and of others, disconnection with the earth and nature, worried about basic needs, instability, pain in your lower back, elimination problems, ailments in legs or feet.

Solution: The best thing to do to strengthen the root chakra (first chakra) is to go outside. Enjoy a gentle stroll or a peaceful walk, plant something, weed or work in the garden, stand on the grass in bare feet, sit on the ground, stand near a large tree, visit the ocean, go inside a forest. Just reconnect with the earth, you'll be amazed at how beneficial and healing it can be. Find what works best for you and stay with it for a week or so, things will certainly improve for you.


Second Chakra Imbalance (Sacral Chakra)

Symptoms: Lack of creativity, trouble expressing desire or sensuality, anger or jealousy, trouble enjoying yourself or experiencing pleasure easily, fertility or sexual problems, kidney or bladder issues.

Solution: Try to find ways to connect with your inner creativity. Choose an activity that you feel you can be creative doing. For instance - listening to or performing music, dancing, singing, drawing or art, sewing, knitting, cooking, building something, writing, doing something creative doesn't necessarily mean you have to be good at it - just have a go and enjoy yourself. Grabbing some crayons and colouring in a book, even if you're not a young child can still be fun! Think of different ways to help release your natural talent for being creative, find what works best for you and stay with it for a week or so, things will certainly improve for you.


Third Chakra Imbalance (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Symptoms: Lack of self confidence or decision making, no sense of purpose, depression, aggression or arrogance, slow metabolism, weight gain, poor digestion.

Solution: This chakra is mobilized by laughter, so to help realign this chakra, the best thing to do is laugh! Even forcing a laugh out can help, give it a go! Maybe watch some funny movies, think of situations that have made you laugh out loud, think of different ways to help release your natural happy laugh into the world, find what works best for you and stay with it for a week or so, things will certainly improve for you.


Fourth Chakra Imbalance (Heart Chakra)

Symptoms: Lack of compassion for self or others, feeling like there is not enough love in your life, selfishness or intolerance, heart, circulatory or skin problems.

Solution: Love. This is the greatest of all emotions and it's something that truly heals. The best thing to do when you're feeling a bit low is to love yourself. Treat your body, mind and spirit a little kinder by resting more, eating healthier and exercising. This will radiate outward into your relationships. The more you love yourself, the more lovable you are.


Fifth Chakra Imbalance (Throat Chakra)

Symptoms: Trouble expressing or communicating, weak voice, lying (even white ones are no good), talking too much (not listening), sore throat, neck or shoulders. Ear trouble or thyroid imbalance.

Solution: Be clear about what you need or want, speak your truth. Speak with integrity and kindness, do not worry about what others think. If your thoughts and speech are kind and pure you have nothing to fear. Singing (good or tone deaf doesn't matter) this will help to keep the throat chakra healthy.


Sixth Chakra Imbalance (Third Eye Chakra)

Symptoms: Not trusting your intuition, feeling that imagination is unimportant, lack of knowledge of self, fear of success, headaches, sinus trouble, hearing problems, sleep disorders, weak concentration, overly sensitive to others emotions

Solution: Try to trust your intuition more, it's very powerful and the more you harness the power of your own intuition the better you will begin to feel. It's okay to feel strange or odd about something, if your intuition is telling you something isn't right then it probably isn't. Always go with your gut instinct, even if it means going against what everyone else is doing, if it feels right to you then it's your own body guiding you to a better place. Remember to always believe in yourself, you're more intuitive and powerful than you know. Trust in your own inner guidance and all will be well.


Seventh Chakra Imbalance (Crown Chakra)

Symptoms: Feeling of separateness or loneliness, depression, feeling lost, lack of awareness to the divine connection, lack of joy in your life, headaches, migraines, epilepsy, psychosis, high blood pressure.

Solution: To help realign this chakra, try to find a way to reconnect with the universal life source (or energy). Whether that means prayer, meditation or relaxation, try to reconnect with your God, sacred beings, Universal Life, goddess, Earth Mother, guardian angels, Spirit Guides, Elementals and Tree spirits. Whichever helps you to feel connected to the most powerful energy and life force on Earth, then it will help to heal this chakra from imbalance. Walking and being in nature is another way to feel the benefits of connecting to your Higher Self and awaken the God within. 

We hope you found this article / blog useful about healing your chakras, if you have any further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us! Have yourself a wonderful day, with much love and light, The Serenity Gifts Team x x 


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