Chakra Chime Bars - Aura Clearing Sound Healing

We have some beautiful new chime bars at Serenity Gifts, and we wanted to share them with you! These are simply lovely and will do wonders for your aura and chakra alignment.
If you don't know much about them, here's a little bit to help - Aura chime bars are primarily used in sound therapy to clear negative energy. A person's aura can be adversely affected if there is an imbalance in the energy flow, thus causing a build up of dense and negative energy. Striking the metal bar with the wooden beater produces a loud and resonant sound which can be very useful in sound healing sessions and meditative exercises. Use the chime bar for space clearing, sound healing, ceremonies, etc. A pure clean sound from the high grade aluminium bar suspended above a good quality wood base for a clear resonating tone is perfect for Feng Shui energy clearing and chakra balancing.
If you haven't already tried one, you're truly missing out. They are simply lovely and have a wonderful light, healing tone which makes you feel more at ease, more peaceful. They are also a great tool for meditation - simply strike the chime bar before and after your meditation routine and allow the delicate sound to wash over you bringing you to a clearer state of mind and oneness with yourself. Similar to Tingsha chimes, they resonate for quite a while and just by listening to the sacred tone can help to heal your aura and unbalanced state of mind.
Our chime bars are absolutely exceptional quality - the chime rings for quite a while, with a nice crisp serene sound, helping to heal and to aid your meditation practices. We offer Chakra Chime Bars, so they can be used to  heal any chakras that are out of alignment.
We offer individual chakra chime bars and a whole set of seven. More individual chime bars will be added to the web site over the coming months, so please check back regularly to see how many we currently have.
If there's anything you would like to ask about chime bars, please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Wishing you a lovely day, until next time.
Blessings and peace, Maria and The Serenity Gifts Team

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