Olive Wood Holding Crosses

Olive Wood Holding Cross UK


At Serenity Gifts we love handmade olive wood items as they make such beautiful and unique gifts for yourself or a loved one. We have a lovely selection of olive wood holding crosses from the Holy Land.  Each holding cross has been individually hand-crafted in the Holy Land using the finest olive wood. Each cross comes with a printed greeting card with a Bible promise of encouragement and a selection of Bible references. It's been uniquely designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, and is especially useful as an aid to meditation and silent prayer. Our olive wood holding crosses come in two sizes, the largest at 4″ and the smallest at 2.75″.

We hope you enjoy browsing our olive wood holding crosses, I’m sure you’ll find something special for yourself, your family, friends, church, school or home.

To view our holding crosses please click the link below, until next time, wishing you many blessings, the Serenity Gifts Team 


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