Chakra Mantra Banners

Chakra Wall Hanging Scroll BannerOur Chakra wall hanging banners are really popular at Serenity Gifts! They're a great focal point in your room and also a great meditation scroll for your daily practices. The Chakra wall banners are silky-soft and printed on sheer free flowing knit polyester. The chakra's are displayed in full vivid colour which makes it look like silk. The banners are durable and long-lasting, they're also great for indoor or outdoor use. They come complete with a decorative wooden pole at the top and bottom, and a string for easy hanging. We also offer tapestry wall hangings that display the full body chakras, a great focal point for any room!

We have don't only have Chakra wall banners, but Buddha banners, affirmation wall hangings, scroll mandala meditation banners, chakra wall scrolls, mantra meditation wall banners and Om (Ohm) banners too! Have a browse through and see if you fancy something new for your meditation space, your wall deserves it :-)

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