Lotus Blossom Tea Light Holders


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These are very beautiful! We absolutely love these lotus blossom tea light holders at Serenity Gifts - and thankfully, you do too! We've added some new colours to our range of lotus tea lights, so we thought we'd share them with you.

The lotus flower tea light candle holders are lovingly made from Capiz shells. They make a stunning candle holder for your tea lights and meditation space. The lotus blossom is linked to spiritual enlightenment and they symbolise coming from darkness to light, ignorance into knowledge. The Lotus flower also symbolises the 7 energy centres in the human body, the chakras. Did youknow that a  tea light candle is also included! Capiz shell is a type of Oyster (also known as the Windowpane Oyster) that can be found abundantly in the coastal waters of the Philippines and near India. Each shell tea light holder is individual and unique.

We already have quite a few colours, but our new ones are blue voilet, coral pink, blue white, light blue, orange red and pink white. Phew! Quite a few, but we know you love these candle holders. So, we had to add some more colours to our collection. We do hope you love them all - you can buy them from the candles and tea light holders section on our site. Click on the following link to go there now -


Have fun shopping!

Blessings and love The Serenity Gifts Team xx

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