Yoga Mat Bags and Yoga Shawls


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We absolutely love these new yoga bags, the tribal design and elephant print are already proving very popular!

We have a beautiful selection of yoga mat bags for your daily yoga routine, they help to keep all your essentials in one place, they're easy to carry and comfortable on your shoulder. Our yoga mat bags are a great addition to your yoga sessions. Yoga mat bags are available for all mat sizes and yoga equipment.

Our yoga shawls are also a great way to bring even more awareness and healing to your yoga practices. Using a meditation shawl or blanket provides a sense of serene comfort and intensifies your concentration whilst meditating or relaxing, the blanket symbolizes your temporary isolation from the outer world whilst meditating, bringing an even more sacred experience to your daily practice. They also offer perfect isolation from draughts or cold rising from the floor. A meditation shawl or blanket is a must have for any serious meditator, advanced or beginner. Our meditation yoga shawls are handmade in Nepal.

Yoga Bag Meditation Shawl

Check out our meditation cushions, yoga bags and shawls at Serenity Gifts. If you need any advice before buying, please don't hesitate to ask! Until next time, wishing you a wonderful and blessed day! 

The Serenity Gifts Team xx

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