Religious Fridge Magnets

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Do you want to give encouragement, hope or let someone know that you truly care? 
Why not give them an inspirational fridge magnet? It’s something they will look at everyday and it will remind them of just how much you mean to them.

Here at Serenity Gifts we have a lovely selection of inspirational fridge magnets, a Serenity prayer magnet, a Don’t Quit fridge magnet with floral border, an Angel fridge magnet, As I live each day verse fridge magnet, a friendship magnet, a thinking of you fridge magnet and many more!

They all have with a lovely prayer or verse to inspire and to bring hope to a loved one or friend. These strong magnets have an inspirational message and coloured design inside a clear acrylic mount.

We hope you will find the perfect inspirational fridge magnet for that special person in your life. It may only be a small fridge magnet but it can raise another’s spirits and just may make all the difference to their day. Until next time, have a wonderful week! Sending blessings your way, 

God bless, the Serenity Gifts Team






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